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Collector Booster Box from The Brothers’ War.

The war between two brothers, Urza and Mishra, is an age-old feud from the distant past. Thanks to the use of very powerful artifacts and gigantic metal fighting machines, the brothers and Dominaria eventually fell. With the Phyrexians invading this beloved world, it’s up to our modern-day heroes to travel back in time in search of clues during this epic event: The Brother’s War! Can Dominaria be saved or will the Phyrexians prevail?

A collector booster is a limited-edition booster filled with beautiful premium cards for the collector! In collector boosters you can find unique cards with extended art, cards with special frames (borderless planeswalkers or showcase frame) and many different foils. A unique foil token is also included!

A collector Booster Box from The Brothers’ War contains 12 collector boosters! Each collector booster from The Brothers’ War contains 16 Magic: the Gathering cards of which:

– 1 Foil of Double-Rainbow foil alternate border rare or mythic rare*.
– 1 Foil of non-foil Transformers mythic rare**.
– 1 Foil retro or schematic artifact uncommon*.
– 1 Schematic artifact uncommon, rare or mythic rare*.
– 1 Retro artifact uncommon, rare or mythic rare*.
– 1 Extended- or borderless art rare or mythic rare.
– 1 Extended art Commander or Jumpstart rare or mythic rare.
– 1 Foil rare or mythic rare.
– 2 Foil uncommons.
– 4 Foil commons.
– 1 Foil full art mecha basic land.
– 1 Foil double-sided token.

*In The Brothers’ War, you’ll find artifacts from a specially selected list of 63 highly sought-after reprints. These artifacts are executed in retro-border and have standard art or new special schematic art. A small percentage of these artifacts are numbered from 1 to 500. A unique and valuable collector’s item!

**The Brothers’ War is full of giant iron fighting machines. The perfect place to introduce the Transformer cards. Unique cards specially designed for Magic: the Gathering with all your known and favorite Transformers! There are two versions, cartoon and shattered glass. Both with different art and where the nonfoil cartoon version is the most common and the foil shattered glass is very rare.

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