MTG Dominaria United Draft Booster Pack

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A draft booster Dominaria United.

Return to the origins of 30 years of Magic: the Gathering: The harmonious Dominaria! This is the place where all the magic as we know it today originated. Rediscover the wealth of Dominaria with its beautiful landscapes, mighty creatures and legendary heroes! Dominaria United is the beginning of an epic story as the fate of Dominaria, and the Multiverse, is unraveled!

Draft boosters are the foundation of every Magic: the Gathering set. These boosters are ideal for limited play such as booster draft or sealed deck.

A Dominaria United draft booster contains 15 Magic: the Gathering cards of which:

– At least one rare or mythic rare.
– 3 Uncommons.
– Each booster contains at least one legendary creature.
– 10 Commons.
– 1 Basic Land.
– 1 Token or advertising card.

In more than one out of eight draft boosters you will not find a rare, but a mythic rare! In one out of three boosters, instead of a common, you will find a foil card that can have any rarity. You also have a chance to find a card with the special stained-glass showcase frame, a phyrexian language card or a borderless card in a booster!

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